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Tips for Designing a Business Card

Business cards can be handy for anyone to have. They offer a convenient way to pass pertinent contact information on to other people. While traditionally used for people who work for a company, they can also be handy for people such as stay-at-home moms, who can put “mom of” and their kids’ names as their job title and thus have a convenient way to give contact information to other moms for arranging play dates and other get-togethers for their children.

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The design of a business card reflects on the company, so people in more serious fields, such as financial services or banking, will want a more traditional look to the card, while those who are in more creative businesses can get away with using more color or playful designs. The font should be easily readable regardless of the business, and the card shouldn’t be too crammed with information. The most essential information is your name, your title, your e-mail address, the name and logo of your company and the company’s address, phone number and website.

Adding a photo, such as a professional head shot can make the card stand out more, and studies show people are more likely to keep cards such as this. In some cases, it may be necessary to make a card double-sided to fit in all the appropriate information in a way that looks professional and appealing. Another way to add more interest is to use thermography or engraving to give a card more texture, thus helping it to stand out from all of the other cards a person may have received.

Though it may be tempting to try to design this type of card yourself, you’ll get better results if you use one of the many companies dealing with Business Cards Sydney has to offer, such as PrintRite. These companies have experienced professionals who can help fit all of the pertinent information on the business card in a pleasing way that is easy to read and doesn’t look too cluttered. People may be less likely to contact someone in the future for their business needs if their business card doesn’t look professional or well-designed.

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